Thursday, 6 September 2007

"hey, muka boleh senyum sikit??"



Ng said...

hey~ hehe.. sorry long time dint chat/email u~ reali tiring life here.. busy busy busy~~
jz read ur blog.. very funny~
the one on ur sister is a bit sad.. does she knows abt ur blog anyway? well~ erm.. i understnd how u feel to b an elder sister, wanting to help ur younger sister. also understnd tat u wan to take care her, n give her the best. but sometimes, we need them to understnd us as well. shouting or mumbling wil not help.. sit down and talk together is better.. if me, i might dump her one day, dun fetch her when she is late. it;s cruel, but it's something tat she has to learn.. my sisters have never dare to oppose me, bcoz they know i help them, they should respect n help back by being on time. well... i reali miss the time at home.. rushing in n out, tiring, but at least meaningful~ here.. busy only with studies n society activities.. sometimes i felt lack of someting.. so do appreciate ur sister's presence.. nothing means more than family =)

傻鱼 said...

to ng,

haha.. come here more often o..
hehhe.. i don know how to kau tim my sis ler, just pray that she can grad soon. i cant bring myself not to fetch her ler.. so louya sis hor..
ya.. though always quarrel, but still can talk and laugh as usual..:p